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  09/09/2011 - Now, this "driver" not only stops beyond the
  white line, but is a good 30 feet into the intersection!

  09/09/2011 - Not only does this idiot driver STOP for no
  reason, but they swing as far left as possible to turn right!


  08/20/2011 - What you SHOULD NOT do in front of a
  70,000 pound dump truck!  What a moron!


  08/21/2011 - When you pull out of a side street, you are
  SUPPOSED to accellerate up to speed, not slow down!

  08/21/2010 - Will they turn?  Will they turn?  Beats me! 
  Another typical tourist with no idea where they are going! 


  08/21/2011 - This brainiac must be dyslexic! 
   What way is the arrow?


  Sorry for the time between video's, I have been on "desk duty"!
  My good friend Scott from OBX is now helping with new dumb
  drivers, including the one above this post!  Welcome aboard, Scott!



 07/01/2011 - White Line?  What White Line? 



 07/01/2011 - Hey, the light turned green.  Never mind that it isn't
 the green light for me to go! 



 07/01/2011 - Never mind the fact that I have the green light and
 right away.  She just needs to make that turn and make it now!



 07/01/2011 - This is the closest I have come to getting hit by a
 real bad driver.  This migrant worker was in a hurry to get back
 to mowing lawns so he can make his tax free money! 



 07/01/2011 - But, but, but Officer!  The light WAS green when
 I stopped in the middle of the intersection!