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Idiot drunk ran into the
back of a Gwinnett Co Police Car.  The officer was not in the car.
  This driver likes to sit in the cross walk instead of behind the solid white line! Even in the Outer Banks, NC, CDL drivers can't make simple turns!
Compliments of Scott in North Carolina.
  Yes, here we go again!  Yet another cross walk blocker!   Ahh!  The joys of pulling into the crosswalk!  Especially in the rain!  Must be in a real hurry! 
Nothing like keeping up with the news of the day while driving!
Compliments of a Friend
  Hey, I am stopped!  Well I am in the intersection, but who cares? Someone thinks 6" is far enough away.    This is beyond words.  I really don't know what to say!    The light is red.  Well past the white stop line.  Almost in the intersection!
Another brainiac that thinks they should be allowed to stop in the intersection!    Here, is yet again, another driver with a CDL.  Good thing the tree stopped him!
Thanks Scott!
I guess this fella thinks that the space between the STOP line and Crosswalk is a buffer zone!   The driver of this garbage truck kept pulling to the right to pick up trash!   Hey!  I stopped on the white line!
(With my rear tires)
It's OK to be in the crosswalk when it is raining, right?   Another one of my favorites!  I wonder what kind of hurry this dolt is in? EXCUSE ME!  I drive a BMW 760i!  I am allowed to stop in the crosswalk.  Duh!   Today, we learn to count!  Let's all count how many cars are in the intersection!   You have to look close to see the winner in this picture!
Now, remember.  In order to drive trucks, you have to know what a white line is.  Right?   Just barely has the rear wheels still in the crosswalk! Can it be?  YES!  Same car as previous picture, 3 minutes later in a different intersection!  MORON!   It must be the sun that is their eyes!  Maybe that is why they didn't see the white line!   Anoher typical Bozo driver who doesn't know what the white line means.
The truck is white.  I guess that mean you don't have to stop behind the white line?   White line, Pedestrian Crossing.  Doesn't matter.  Won't stop behind either of them! I'm OK.  The white line really doesn't apply to me!