Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s)


                                What is "I Can Has Drivers License"?

                                I Can Has Drivers License is what most people say when you ask them if they know how to drive!
                                This page is dedicated to all those drivers who THINK they can has drivers license!

                                Why are you doing this?

                                Because I can't stand IDIOT drivers!

                                Are you an IDIOT driver?

                                Probably, but the difference between me and the people featured here is that
                                 I have a "How Is My Driving" sticker on the back of my truck!

                                How do I contribute to this page?

                                You can either video or photograph the idiot drivers and send it to me at
                                I do ask that you don't put yourself in harms way or do anything illegal while doing it.

                                I don't want my vehicle on your web page!

                                Well, then don't drive like an idiot!

                                Do you turn any of this over to the Police?

                                Nope. It's all on my webpage and anyone/everyone can see it.

                                How are you doing this video if you are driving?

                                My DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is mounted to the windshield and is activated when I turn on
                                the ignition. At no time do I ever touch the DVR and it is on the passenger side of the vehicle, so
                                it does not interfere with my field of vision.



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