Now, we all know that there are people out there that CAN NOT park a car if their life
                            depended on it.  Can't park in the space, makes their own space, HANDICAP parking
                            and they are NOT handicapped!  Well, here is your chance at getting even with them!

                            Print your own Parking Citation and give it to them!  Now, for the legal disclaimer:

                            REAL parking citations are to be issued only by law enforcement or parking authority
                            agencies.  This citation is NOT real and if the idiot you give it to can not read, well then
                            they should receive a real citation.  ICanHasDriversLicense is not responsible for any
                            legal issues, violation of any state, city or county statues, or responsible for any ass whooping
                            you may get from the use of this citation.

                            Now, that the legal stuff is out of the way, simply save the .pdf file to your computer and print
                            it TWO SIDED so you can get it to look right.

                            DOWNLOAD CITATION HERE!

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