Welcome to "I Can Has Drivers License?"  I am your host, my name is Mike.  I have been driving the roads of
                             the South for over 40 years and have seen my fare share of people whom I wonder just how in the world they were
                             able to take AND pass their drivers license test. 

                              I drive an area that encompasses both Sandy Springs and Roswell, Georgia, which is located just north of the
                              city of Atlanta.  And if you have been to Atlanta, you will know it is home to some of the worlds worst drivers and
                              the largest traffic jams!  Traffic in the Metro Atlanta area runs from 6:00AM to 9:00AM in the morning, and the
                              afternoon rush is from 3:00PM to 7:00PM!  My choice is to always listen to WSB - AM750 and now 95.5FM for
                              up to the minute traffic reports with Captain Herb Emory and all of his Traffic Troopers!!

                              If you are wondering about my videos, I assure you that I am not driving around with a video camera in my hands.
                              Not only is that unsafe, it's against company policy.  So, how do I do it?  Simple!  I mounted a minature DVR
                              (digital video recorder) on the inside windshield of my truck and when I'm in it, it's recording.  Photo Here! 
                              When I get home, I pull the video card out and download it to my computer where I then extract the video of the
                              "drivers" and upload them.  AT NO TIME AM I TOUCHING THE VIDEO CAM WHILE I'M DRIVING!

                              I welcome readers to send me their video's and pictures of your favorite drivers so they can be added to this
                              website.  Please make sure the videos/pictures are yours and not something you downloaded from the web.

                              Any comments you would like to make (both good and bad - the bad ones I will post), you may contact me by
                             clicking on the car below!  Also, if you would like to become a memeber of the ICanHasDriversLicense
                             contributors, you can click on the car below as well!

                              Remember:  Drive Safe!  Put down that cell phone.  Put down that hamburger.  Put down that make-up!
                              and DRIVE SAFELY!


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